Measure and Monitor Vibrations on your Project

We offer vibration measurement and monitoring services that help to document and mitigate the effects that vibrations have on structures.

Many construction activities generate vibrations. The vibrations from activities such as piling work, demolition, and excavation can damage adjacent buildings and underground infrastructure. With our vibration monitoring services, make informed decisions and build legal documentation with vibration data that is processed and analyzed according to international standards.

Civil engineer in Phnom Penh setting up vibration monitoring equipment

  • Risk Management:
    • Excessive vibrations can lead to property damage, litigation, project delays, and increased costs. Vibration monitoring data will help construction teams to identify and address potential vibration problems early on before causing any damage.
  • Construction Control:
    • Monitoring helps construction teams adjust their operations to avoid exceeding safe limits.
  • Compliance and Community Relations:
    • Monitoring provides documentation to satisfy regulatory agencies and also helps builders manage relations with neighboring property owners, reducing complaints and project delays.
  • Legal Defense:
    • Monitoring provides a record of vibrations from the site that can help resolve damage claims.

Use Case: Vibration Monitoring for Piling Work

Piling work is a common construction activity that can generate significant vibrations. This activity can have significant effects in urban areas such as Phnom Penh. Vibrations can damage adjacent buildings and underground infrastructure, leading to costly repairs and even litigation.

Vibration monitoring can be used to mitigate the risks associated with piling work by providing real-time data on the vibrations being generated. This data can be used to adjust the piling operations to ensure that safe vibration limits are not exceeded.

How Vibration Monitoring Works

Following an initial consultation, we install a vibration monitoring device at a secure on-site location for a specified period of time.

The vibration monitoring device is always powered on and always records data. Data consists of vibration frequency, vibration intensity. In addition, the device emits a red warning light when the vibration threshold is surpassed.

Data collection from the device occurs on a regular basis and we are reachable upon the request in the case of alarming events.

The data is processed and analyzed according to the DIN 4150-3 standard (widely applied international standard for measuring structural vibrations).

A monitoring report is delivered within one day of the data collection.

A Monitoring Report contains:

  • Type and model of equipment
  • Measurement protocols and results
  • Dates and times of observations
  • Sketch of location
  • Pictures
  • Evaluation and Conclusion
  • Raw Data – Excel


  • DIN 4150-3 standards for vibration measurements and analysis
  • 24/7 Monitoring to capture continuous and transient vibrations
  • Professional documentation

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